One Drink, Three Ways: The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask


One Drink, Three Ways is the signature feature by The Three Drinkers. Join The Three Drinkers’ Helena, Aidy and Colin as they take one bottle and create a trio of phenomenal serves which you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. From rums and whiskies to gins and wine styles, the three help you get the most out of your glass. It’s time to get liquid on lips.


The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask: a whisky with rich, spicy notes from ageing in both American and European sherry oak casks. The Three Drinkers each share their favourite ways to taste it….

Helena’s Choice: The ‘Mac-Hattan’


A twist on a classic Manhattan, I love this rich, christmas-cake scented whisky mixed with a little orange and chocolate bitters. I found this recipe while shooting episode four of our Amazon show, The Three Drinkers do Scotch Whisky. It won the taste competition hands down! Simply add all liquid ingredients to a shaker, shake, pour and add garnish. Ice optional. I prefer it without or with one massive chunk.

macahattan the three drinkers.jpg

The ‘Mac-Hattan’


25ml The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask Whisky

25ml Orange liqueur

25ml Red Vermouth

3 Drops Chocolate bitters

Dried orange wheel to garnish

Aidy’s Choice: The Macallan Highball


Perfect as the weather starts to get a little warmer, this Macallan highball is zesty and refreshing with a bitter, spicy kick. Simply pour the whisky and fino over lots of ice into a highball glass, add the lemon juice and top up with your favourite tonic water. Dangerously delicious!

The Macallan highball

The Macallan Highball


25ml The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask Whisky

25ml Fino Sherry

Juice of half a lemon

Tonic water to taste

Lemon rind to garnish

Highball glass

Colin’s Choice: The Macallan. Straight up.


Those who know me are aware that I’m a bit of a whisky purist, and when The Macallan is involved, I like to sip it straight. If it’s the first whisky of the day however, I may add a tiny drop of water just to cut the initial nose burn. No ice. No garnish. No problem.

glencairn whisky glass the three drinkers.jpg

The Macallan


50ml The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask Whisky

Glencairn glass

You can find The Macallan 12 Year Old on Amazon or Master of Malt for circa £52

Camomile Garden

Camomile Garden (5).jpg


50ml Silent Pool Gin
25ml honey water
Top with Fever Tree Indian Tonic
Spritz camomile aromatics


Fill the glass with plenty of ice.
Pour in 50ml of Silent Pool.
Add in the honey water and Fever Tree Indian Tonic and stir.
Add the camomile aromatics and garnish with Kaffir lime leaf and a slice of orange.

Glass: Copa
Ice: Cubed
Garnish: Kaffir lime leaf, edible flower and orange slice  

Pineapple 43


35ml Licor 43 (2 parts / 1⅓oz)
50ml semi-skimmed milk (3 parts / 1¾oz)
3 large pieces of fresh pineapple
1 piece of dried pineapple, to garnish

Remove the peel from the pineapple pieces and add to a shaker.
Crush the pineapple chunks in the bottom of the shaker to release the juice.
Add the milk and Licor 43 to the pineapple and shake well until cold and mixed thoroughly.
Pour everything into your glass.
Garnish with the dried pineapple to finish.