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Embark on an imbibing adventure with The Three Drinkers; the travelogue trio putting fun and spirit side by side.

Bringing the audience on a journey of discovery through Scotland, we explore the world of whisky in a way that has never been done before.

 Zero pretence. 100% entertainment.


the three



Adrian is a fresh face and emerging personality in the wine and spirits industry, with a particular focus on the modern and explorative drinker. Put bluntly, the wine industry has remained stagnant for way too long and it's about time an emphasis was placed on getting the younger and more inquisitive generations more involved and excited about the industry. Cutting through the BS, Adrian creates a fun and approachable mind-set to wine and spirits through his interactive guides, ABC education, masterclasses and anti-snobbery approach. 

As the wine and spirits columnist for The Independent, alongside being at the helm of the world's #1 millennial drink-focused site (Drink Me) and official Brand Ambassador for Vivino (the world's #1 wine community), Adrian has a vibrant community of over 126 million thirsty readers each month. 



Working initially for the Scotsman, moving to London to work for The Times and Financial Times. During this time, he explored his love of wine and whisky, culminating in his series: the Greatest Winemakers and Greatest Whisky makers, exhibited extensively in London, including the National Portrait Gallery, and Manhattan, winning the Louis Roederer Award for Artistry along the way.


Colin continues to write about wine and spirits for LUX and Condé Nast. Colin has won the Born Digital award for photography, is Keeper of the Quaich, and is Chairman of the Circle of Wine Writers. Having been the founding editor for Whisky quarterly magazine he is now the spirits editor at Winerist.



Helena Nicklin is an award-winning wine and drinks presenter, author, freelance  writer and influencer. She is also Head of Content for drinks, food and travel platform Winerist.com. As a professional drinks communicator, Helena's niche lies in bridging  the gap between fabulously detailed books and those who just want the basics in memorable,  bite-size chunks. Her goal is to make the wine and drinks world less stuffy, more visual and  fun and to teach things in an order that makes sense to everyone. 


A member of the prestigious Circle of Wine Writers, Helena has written for various consumer publications and her videos have been featured on international wine travel sites. She is a columnist for online entrepreneurial website Talented Ladies Club and writes for luxury print title Savile Row Style Magazine. She also presents workshops at consumer fairs, has appeared as the wine expert on live TV, frequently speaks on TalkRADIO, runs private wine tasting events, writes and edits copy for wine businesses and sits on various tasting panels for competitions.



The Three Drinkers is delighted to name the worlds largest wine and spirits tourism provider as our official media sponsor. Let their Local Experts tailor an off the beaten track experience for you. With over 50 regions to choose from they offer wine, whisky, food, active and luxury experiences to create that unforgettable escape.

In celebration we will be creating bespoke Three Drinkers tours to re-live the footsteps of the travelogue trio and embark on your very own imbibing adventure. 


More Details To follow. 

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The Three Drinkers has joined forces with Artis Drinks to facilitate engagement for the drinks industry to engage with the show commercially, and benefit from its global reach. Artis is a drinks specialist based in London that provides management for producers or brands.



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